BMW Connected: Wearable

Early Concept (left) and Launched design. (right.) for BMW Connected Samsung Gear

Motion composition of happy path to demonstrate UX motion principles (altered concept)

In creating the motion language, my goal was to enhance usability; Using visual effects and motion graphics software, I created motion compositions meant to hide latency, create motion affordance, convey gesture confirmation, and to reinforce spatial awareness. Incorporating user-centered motion design was ultimately to create the perception of a faster, more effortless experience and to give users a sense of control and flow.

Spatial Orientation

Secondary Plane

Motion to convey creation of secondary plane. Secondary plane "lives" on top of initial information space. 

Collapsing secondary plane

Persistent secondary plane can be minimized and summoned at any time as it is always visible.

Gesture Confirmation

Reactive Plane

Secondary plane reacts to tapping gesture by animating scale.

Icon Highlight

As icon is selected, a circular highlight surrounding the icon fades in to confirm tapping gesture (followed by creation of secondary plane in shown example).

Hiding Latency

Optimistic Feedback

Behavior conveying successful operation before server communication completes. (Experience is only interrupted if request fails).